Seth can’t afford to fall in love. As the heir to his family’s fortune, his future is already pre-arranged: a partner will be picked for him based on what’s best for the family business. When he meets Oz at his sister’s wedding, he thinks the other man—his new brother-in-law—might just be fun for the night.

But then one wedding turns into two, and two turns into three, and before Seth knows it, he’s falling in love with a man he can’t have, one social event at a time.

Oz is tired of having his heart broken. He’s been so focused on finding someone to settle down and be happy with that he’s thrown himself into one bad relationship after another, looking for a partner he’s no longer sure he can find. Seth proves to be a great distraction, a casual fling Oz doesn’t have to take seriously… until he realises he’s falling in love with a man he knows he can’t have.

With Seth’s father putting pressure on him to marry someone else, he’s faced with an impossible choice: lose Oz forever, or leave the security of his family behind and make his own way in the world.

Can Seth take a leap of faith into Oz’s arms? Or will he choose safety and security over the man he loves?

Ballsy coverWhen he arrives back in LA after ten years away, the last thing Sam expects is to end up being roped into pretending to be with the man he’d left behind for the sake of a magazine article. After a near-death experience that left him scarred and changed, all he wants to do is lick his wounds and live quietly for a while.

But how is he supposed to resist the pull of one last adventure with the love of his life?

Seeing Sam again is the last thing Ben needs. With his last chance to prove that Ballsy is a viable project on the line, he hasn’t got time for anything else.

All the same, he can’t bring himself to ignore Sam when he shows up unannounced. When the opportunity to spend the weekend undercover with him at a couples’ retreat comes up, he jumps at it, hoping that this will be the second chance he’s always wanted.

As if facing their feelings for each other after so long wasn’t hard enough, Ben unexpectedly stumbles across the story that will save Ballsy while at the retreat. Will he still have time to repair his relationship with Sam? Or will both men’s doubts and fears get in the way of their happily ever after?

Faking a relationship with an injured hockey player had never been on Eliot’s to-do list, but when he’s sent by his editor to interview the newly-out hockey legend Danny Harper, he gets a little more than he bargained for.

Eliot has been stuck writing a fashion and grooming column that no one reads since he started at Cocky–a men’s lifestyle magazine–a year ago. Desperate to prove himself, he takes the assignment to interview Harper, even though he couldn’t hold a hockey stick the right way up in an emergency.

Danny turns out to be nothing like he expected–a lonely man who’s missed out on a lot by being in the closet, rather than the overconfident jock Eliot expects him to be. As much as he resists it, Eliot finds himself drawn to the other man.

When Danny proposes they fake a relationship to improve his image, Eliot jumps at the chance–not only does he need the money, but his curiosity about Danny demands to be satisfied.

With Danny struggling to get through the season on a busted knee and Eliot digging up the story that could make his own career, can the two of them bring themselves to admit their real feelings and find their happy ending?

Red Hot coverNewly-out firefighter Red has a pretty average lifea job he loves, supportive friends, big dreams, and a little trouble finding a roommate. That is, until he rescues a slightly odd computer nerd from his burning apartment building.

Andy isn’t just any computer nerd. He’s the computer nerd who single-handedly built the up-and-coming dating app, M4M. Until now, Red’s been afraid to put himself out therebut with Andy as his new roommate, he’s not going to have any choice. Andy needs a test case, someone to prove his matching algorithms can find anyone the perfect partner.

When he discovers that Red’s never been on a date before, Andy makes him his pet projecthe’s going to find Red the man of his dreams, whatever it takes.

The only problem is that Andy is the man of Red’s dreams, and Red can’t bring himself to face the embarrassment of telling himafter all, Andy isn’t interested, right?

Little does Red know that Andy’s been thinking the same thing. If only his algorithms agreed…

Single father Mark doesn’t have enough hours in the day to both take care of his son, Dylan, and work his stressful marketing job by himself. Facing the prospect of having to leave Dylan with his aunt over the summer break, he realises that what he needs is a nanny.

Thankfully, Mannies Inc. have just the right guy for the job. Josh is qualified, good with kids, and more or less a human ray of sunshine. His résumé speaks for itself, and when he and Dylan hit it off, Mark knows he’s the perfect person to hire.

Mark’s never thought of himself as attracted to other men, but Josh is so warm and kind and good to him, not to mention amazing with Dylan. He finds himself drawn to the other man in a way he’s never experienced before, but he’s been alone for so long that he can’t bring himself to care. So what if he’s suddenly attracted to a man?

Josh is also struggling with his attraction to Mark, a man who represents everything he wants in life–stability, companionship, and a family of his own. He knows better than to believe that Mark would want him like that, but it’s so easy to dream…

Both men have already been hurt by love, but can they open their hearts again before their doubts tear them apart? Or will their worlds prove to be too different for them to be together?

Days before the start of spring semester, Spencer Harris meets the man of his dreams. Sexy, funny, and a huge nerd, Jesse is perfect, and the prospect of getting to know him after their amazing night together is the best thing that’s happened in years.

That is, until he turns out to be the new visiting professor.

Now, both men are stuck with the college’s fraternization policy. Neither of them can afford to risk their jobs, so they’ll just have to wonder what might have been.

But Spencer looks really good when he bends over. And Jesse’s habit of sucking on pens is really distracting. And it’s not as if anyone would ever have to know

Secrets have a way of getting out, though.

Will Spencer and Jesse find a way to be together? Or will the pressure of their academic careers prove to be too much?

As if walking in on his boyfriend cheating on him wasn’t bad enough, Caleb finds himself facing the prospect of attending his sister’s destination wedding alone–unless he accepts his best friend’s offer to pretend to be the boyfriend he deserves.

Ethan might be straight, but he’s charming, sensible, and looks good in a suit. Caleb knows that it’s likely to come back and bite him, but it’s better than having to admit to his family that his love life is a disaster.

Things get complicated when Ethan realises he might not be as straight as he thought he was, and takes the opportunity to experiment with Caleb while they’re away–after all, they’re pretending to be dating anyway.

It soon becomes obvious to both men that they want more from each other than they first thought–but admitting that and risking their friendship over it seems impossible.

Between the wedding drama, fear, and confusion, can Ethan and Caleb find a way to tell each other how they feel? Or will it really all be over once they get home?

Noah’s otherwise average life has just hit a wall. As an out-and-proud roller derby player, his team is right in the middle of qualifying for next year’s national competition when he suddenly loses his job–and therefore the work visa that was keeping him in the country.

Unexpected help comes in the form of Jace, his straight best friend and ‘derby husband,’ the guy who always looks out for him on the track. The solution to all of Noah’s problems? Get fake married to Jace, get his green card, and play out the rest of the season after all.

Jace has two loves in his life: his career as a pediatric nurse, and his roller derby team. When he finds out that their star player is on the verge of being deported, he’s willing to do anything to stop it–including marrying the guy.

Things get messy when Jace begins to realise he may not be as straight as he’s always thought he was. Since when did Noah have such pretty eyes? And why the hell is he thinking about him all the time?

Between a jealous rival, Noah’s ex-boyfriend, and the mother-in-law from hell, Jace comes to realise that he wants more out of this marriage than the chance to head to the national championships.

All he has to do now is summon the courage to tell Noah that. And win the rest of the games in the season. And deal with his new mother-in-law. Easy.

At the peak of his career, having won two of out of the three legs of endurance racing’s most prestigious honor–the Triple Crown–Ollie has the world at his feet, immortality within his grasp, and the eye of every other gay man in England. That is, until he gets into a fight with his teammate, which lands Ollie in a police station.

His chance at redemption comes in the form of a software engineer who wants to compete in a charity race.

After working non-stop since he was sixteen, Jack thinks it’s high time he got to have a little fun. When the opportunity to meet Ollie Blackwood comes up, he jumps at it. As a closeted gay man, the chance to get to know someone who’s out and successful like Ollie is too good to pass up.


Alex is charming and attractive–at least, for the length of time it takes to get someone to agree to sleep with him. He’s terrible at maintaining relationships, which is why, this time, he needs a roommate he’s not attracted to. What he gets is Liam–funny, gorgeous, and surprisingly put-together for a man who doesn’t own a single unstained shirt.

Liam is moving from London to New York–and away from his ex. Alex’s Craigslist posting makes him seem like the perfect roommate. Little does Liam know that Alex is coping with his own broken heart by sleeping his way through the population of New York.

They become fast friends, and fill the gaps in each other’s lives. But can two men burned by love see what’s right in front of them?